Diva Hoops


Retreat: Hula Hoop Fitness - June 25, 2017 

Ann Arbor Summer Festival

5p - 6p - Free Event

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Learn foundational moves and hoop your way into fantastic shape!

Hooping tones your entire body.  Strengthens and opens your upper back and chest, helping to increase your balance and get great a cardio workout!

"Exercising with my custom-designed hula hoop by Diva Hoops, has proven to be a fun and great way to step-up my workout routine! A number of my friends have ordered hoops as a direct result of seeing how I have benefited from regularly hooping." -- Michele S, Hula Hoop Enthusiast

"The Diva Hoops were the star of the show at my cookout. People are still talking about the hula hoop contest and laughing at the video. Little did they suspect, they were also getting a workout of their hips and waist area. Now I incorporate the Diva Hoop in the fitness programs for my clients." -- Donna M, Owner, MyGoodLife Fitness

Ypsilanti, MI, USA



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